Why can’t I buy Neubodi collections online?

At Neubodi, our collections are only sold in our retail boutiques. This is because we realised the importance of a personalised fitting session during a lingerie purchase. With online shopping being an impersonal activity, there would be no one to advise you on the different styles of bras applicable to your breasts shape, or even no one to tell you on the changes in your breasts’ sizes overtime. This means that there is no guarantee that the bra that you bought has your right style, size and cup!

I am just an “A” cup. Do I still need to wear a Neubodi bra?

Yes you do! All our Neubodi bras provide everyday comfort while emphasises on giving you a good lift and support. Here is a fact on a woman’s breasts: there are no muscles in the breasts – only fatty tissues and ligaments. Over time, even woman with small breasts can have their ligaments stretched beyond repair due to gravity pull and poor support from wearing the wrong-fitting bra.

What an “A” cup woman needs most is a bra that brings out their natural beauty. With the right selection of Neubodi bras, you would see an added volume to your breasts, and also a natural looking cleavage – all adding to your confidence for a well-defined bustline!

Can I get a Neubodi bra custom-made especially for me?

Unfortunately, we do not take tailoring requests to custom-make bras as all our collections are sculpted, cut, and hand-sewn using 3D patented design before hand. In our boutiques, we have a full range of bra collections, up to a band size of 100, and a cup size up to I cup. Accompanied with our personalised fitting services, we are able to ensure that you will find the exact innerwear that best suit your breasts shape. Nevertheless, request for minor alterations can still be made at our headquarters to ensure that you get a right fit.

Is a fitting session necessary before I make a Neubodi bra purchase? How much would it cost me?

Yes. A fitting session is an absolute must in every bra purchase you make, regardless of the lingerie brand. This is because buying a right-fitting innerwear goes beyond statistical measurements or simply by appearances of the bra. Each woman’s breasts shape is unique and therefore differs in her required bra style and support. This is why even the best bras at Neubodi would not give you the perfect fit if it is not your right style, size and cup.

Our professional fitting services are FREE with NO buying obligations. No appointments are needed either. Just walk into our boutiques any time at your convenience and we would have our team of bra-fitting consultants there, ever ready to serve you.

Why does my bust line appear uplifted with a Neubodi bra?

The structural design on each of our Neubodi bras is unique. Our wide selections of bra styles are designed to emphasise on the right fit, lift and support. We emphasise on using tensile-based fabric with differing elastic properties (such as laces and lycra) to accommodate the differing sizes, types and breasts shape of women. Our bras are also constructed with wider underbands and side panels to smoothen any unsightly bra bulges at the sides or back.

Hence, putting on a right-fitted bra from Neubodi will provide you with a more natural-looking cleavage; a straighter posture and an uplifted look to the bustline. These are the ‘X’ factor of our Neubodi bras to make you look slimmer and more confident, naturally.