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Our Products

It’s not just about wearing it, it is about believing in it.

Neubodi believes that your perfect appearance is built on a foundation of exquisite, well-made innerwear. Our wide range of intimate apparels includes brassieres, panties, body shapers and accessories; with band sizes ranging from 30-44 inches and cup sizes up to I.

Extensive Design

All Neubodi innerwear are hand-cut and hand-sewn to ensure a flawless fit. We take pride in our years of intense research, design efforts and extensive development to creating high quality intimate apparels with a revolutionary support.  

Commitment to Fit

Neubodi's dedicated team of designers ensures every new design is tried and tested on real woman with natural curves, as they best represent our actual customers. Only the best fitting innerwear would make the cut into our collections, and no bra is launched until our fitting models are satisfied. 

Enjoy your new found confidence and feel like a new woman in you!

Our Services

Neubodi. The Bra Fitting Specialist

 At Neubodi, we provide you with the highest quality fitting services that is available. All our fit experts went through the most intensive and professional training program prior to servicing you at our specialty stores. Each expert is fully equipped with a unique skill set to give you the right support and absolute confidence. This includes choosing and sharing the methods of wearing a right-fitted bra, as well as the concept of proper brassiere care.

Holistic Bra Fitting Technique

An impeccable fitting technique practiced solely at Neubodi as our experts fit by the ears, eyes and touch:

Ears: We listen to your individual requirements, preferences and expectations.

Eyes: We identify how well your current bra fits, your height, built and posture.

Touch: We use a unique hand-measuring technique to choose precisely the right innerwear best suited to your shape.

Go for a complimentary fitting session. Discover a life changing experience today.